What is the Best Nutrition Certification Program ?

There are many excellent schools and colleges that offer a certificate in nutrition, but some of the best are available online. The ones below have proven themselves over many years to be among the most distinguished and reputable in the entire online educational industry.

AFPA Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

  • Duration:6 Months Max
  • Type: Online Learning
  • Cost: 420.00 $
  • Exam: Multiple Choice / True-False Questions
  • Prerequisites: 18+ Years Age – Math and English Knowledge
  • Board Certification/Accreditation: American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
  • Countries: Worldwide

The AFPA “Nutrition and Wellness Consultant” distance education program will help you achieve a new career in nutrition. Their students work as consultants, nutritional writers, educators, go into nutrition related business, or may use their certification to advance their career as a fitness trainer. (more info here)

A.C.E. Health Coach Certification

  • Duration: From 3 to 6 Months
  • Type:Online Learning
  • Cost: From 399.00 $ to 599.00 $
  • Exam: Must be completed in person
  • Prerequisites: 18+ Years Age; A valid government-issued ID with photo and signature; Hold a valid adult CPR/AED certificate; An NCCA-accredited certification in fitness, nutrition or a related field (or an associate’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university in fitness, exercise science, nutrition, or a related field, or equivalent work experience in any of these industries)
  • Board Certification/Accreditation: National Council on Certifying Agencies (NCCA)
  • Countries: Us-Citizens

Nutritionists certified by the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) will have the tools they need to enable their clients to identify the barriers that keep them from losing weight. Nutritionists will also develop plans to help their clients achieve fitness and nutritional goals. If students have any questions, consultation with the resource center staff is free. (more info here)

I.S.S.A. Fitness Nutrition Certification

  • Duration: From 2 to 8 Months
  • Type: Online Learning
  • Cost: 499.00 $
  • Exam: Multiple choice and true/false questions and case study
  • Prerequisites: N/A
  • Board Certification/Accreditation: ISSA is nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)
  • Countries: Worldwide

The International Sports Sciences Association (I.S.S.A.) offers a fitness nutrition certification that teaches participants the key fundamentals of health, which include proper nutrition and regular fitness. The certification course includes a textbook and other useful tools. (more info here)

Precision Nutrition Certification

  • Duration: No Minimum Requirements (4 Months recommended)
  • Type: Online Learning
  • Cost: 999.00 $ (799.00 $ for pre-sale list)
  • Exam: Multiple choice and true/false questions and case study
  • Prerequisites: Being comfortable with science.
  • Board Certification/Accreditation: No
  • Countries: Worldwide

The Precision nutrition certification is so popular that there is a current waiting list. Fitness specialists will learn how to become leading nutrition coaches. The program will teach participants how to guide their clients’ nutrition for ultimate satisfaction on both sides. Participants will also learn how to coach clients, no matter what level they are in their training program. A 500-page textbook will teach students the basics of sports nutrition, and 17 online seminars will help reinforce thAT information. They provide also a study guide. Testers receive two hours for the examination and must complete at least a 75 percent to pass. They allow a total of two attempts at the exam, but the second attempt will cost an additional $50. This is an exclusive program, so it is necessary to apply early. They accept a limited number of students every year. (more info here)

I.S.S.N. Nutrition Certification

  • Duration: No Minimum Requirements (1 Month recommended)
  • Type: Online Learning
  • Cost: N/A
  • Exam: Multiple choice and true/false questions
  • Prerequisites: Candidates must be at least 18, possess a high school diploma or equivalent and a 4-year undergraduate degree in exercise science, kinesiology, physical education, nutrition, biology, or related biological science.
  • Board Certification/Accreditation: No
  • Countries: Worldwide

The International Society of Sports Nutrition (I.S.S.N.) offers a nutrition certification to nutrition professionals. Students can either take the certification exam online or in person. However, the online version is usually more expensive, and students have less time to answer the questions. They require a score of 70 percent or higher to obtain the certification. The program does offer a free study guide to aid students in studying for their test. Certified students will be able to improve the training of athletes with nutritional support. (more info here)

N.E.S.T.A. Fitness Nutrition Coach Training Course

The National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (N.E.S.T.A.) is a leader in the fitness and nutrition industry for almost 20 years. They provide a training programme for professionals who want to be recognized as experts in their field. The training costs $297, and it is entirely online.

There are no prerequisites for training to be a fitness nutrition coach, but participants must complete the program within one year after registration. The program involves 20 hours of video lectures, a digital manual and an online exam. Students must score an 80 percent or higher to pass. They have a second attempt for free. After that, a $95 fee applies for another test.

The training teaches nutrition concepts, such as nutrients digestion. It also teaches the components of nutrition, nutrition requirements, how to evaluate nutritional needs, nutritional supplements and how to optimize athletic performance through nutrition. Professionals will be able to educate their clients on the best nutritional practices through this comprehensive training. (more info here)

N.A.S.M. Fitness Nutrition Specialist Course

This program by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M.) is one of the most respected programs in the nutrition and fitness industry. At a minimum, the exam costs $399 and includes an online practice test. For additional fees, students can also access to a textbook, study guides and online course presentations. They must be at least 18 years old and maintain current CPR and AED certification. Testing can be done three days after registering with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
(more info here)

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Program

  • Duration: 18 Months
  • Type: Distance Learning / Classes (NYC)
  • Cost: 10,000.00 $
  • Exam: Tests Online
  • Prerequisites: 18+ Years Age; High School Diploma, GED or equivalent
  • Board Certification/Accreditation: American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
  • Countries: Worldwide

This is a New York based institution specialized in nutritional programs. Their offer a distance learning course and interactive website and classes. (more info here)

David Wolfe Raw Nutrition Certification

The David Wolfe Raw nutrition certification qualifies professionals who want to teach others about living life naturally and sustainably with raw foods, super foods, spring water and healthy herbs. Participants will learn directly from David Wolfe, who has dedicated 15 years to the natural nutrition industry.

For $799, the certification course includes 70 video lessons that make 12 hours. There are automated quizzes after each video to allow participants to assess their knowledge. For additional support, there is also an online forum, question and answer section and contact information for the teachers and developers of the course.

They will teach nutritionists how to help others to live healthily. Participants will learn coaching principles and systems, including how to coach clients through a transformation process. They will also learn how to talk to their clients in a positive way, making clients feel as their goals are reachable. With a David Wolfe Raw nutrition certification, nutritionists will have the tools to make clients believe anything is possible. (more info here)

Apex Nutrition Certification

The Apex nutrition certification is a three-day workshop by Apex Fitness. Participants will learn how to assess fitness levels, nutrition basics for weight management, motivational skills and more. The workshop will include lectures, demonstrations and both written and hands-on assessments for understanding. Once students receive their certification, they will be among an elite group of professionals who thousands of clients have turned to for their nutrition and fitness needs.

The workshop costs $499 and includes a study guide. Participants must have valid CPR and AED certifications before attending.
As an Apex-certified nutritionist, professionals can help clients understand the best foods for their health. Apex nutritionists have developed the bodybugg calorie management system for their clients. With this program, nutritionists will learn how to provide customers with what they need to achieve their ideal body weight. This innovative system uses arm bands and smart phones to track calories, making it convenient for users to do the right decisions away from home.

Thomas Edison State College Online Certificate in Nutrition

  • Duration: 4 Courses – 8 Weeks Each
  • Type: Online Learning
  • Cost: 1.140.00 $ per course
  • Exam: Multiple choice and true/false questions and case study
  • Prerequisites: Not clearly visible
  • Board Certification/Accreditation: The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR), the credentialing agency for the American Dietetic Association (ADA), has approved the Certificate in Nutrition program for 120 Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEUs)/ or 30 (CPEUs) per course for both the Registered Dietitian (RDs) and Dietetic Technician-Registered (DTRs).
  • Countries: Worldwide

The Online Professional Certificate in Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness, and Sports has been designed to meet the growing demand of allied health and medical professionals, registered dieticians, fitness professionals, personal trainers, and the general public who want to learn about developing individualized nutritional programs for clients, patients, or for personal improvement.
This innovative and comprehensive Web-based noncredit certificate program provides an in-depth examination of contemporary nutritional topics such as meal plan review, functional food implementation, antioxidants, public nutrition, sports nutrition, vitamin supplementation, and weight management.
(more info here)

Kansas City Fitness Link Online Holistic Nutrition Certification

  • Duration: 500 Hours (12 Months)
  • Type: Online Learning
  • Cost: Not Visible
  • Exam: Not Visible
  • Prerequisites: Not Visible
  • Board Certification/Accreditation: American Association of Drugless Practioners (AADP). Students may also be eligible for membership with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) with documented work hours and successfully passing a national board examination.
  • Countries: Worldwide

(more info here)

Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB)

The Clinical Nutrition Certification Board is a non-profit certification agency which provides professional training, examination and certification for health care organizations, specialty credentialing programs and state license/certification examinations. (more info here)

Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists

The CBNS℠ is an organization that provides voluntary certification to all professional nutritionists with advanced training in nutrition science. In addition to nutritionists at the doctoral level, the CBNS offers certification to other health professionals with masters or PhD degrees, such as nutritionists, registered dietitians, pharmacists, nurses and others, with significant experience as professional nutritionists. (more info here)
The Certified Nutrition Specialist (C.N.S.) credential requires specific education qualifications, nutrition experience and an examination to assess nutrition knowledge. Adhering to these strict guidelines ensures that professionals with a Certified Nutrition Specialist credential have truly earned it.

They do not give the Certified Nutrition Specialist certification to just anyone; candidates must possess at least a master’s degree. They must also show solid background in the nutrition profession and pass a rigorous exam. There is a $50 nonrefundable application fee, as well as a $300 examination fee. If they consider an applicant disqualified under their guidelines, they will refund the $300 examination fee.

Applicants must send university transcripts, documentation of nutrition experience, two letters of recommendation from health care professionals and copies of any professional licenses. Passing this exam and obtaining a Certified Nutrition Specialist credential will give nutritionists the advantage over others in their field. (more info here)

National Board of Nutrition Support Certification

The National Board of Nutrition Support Certification supports nutrition care by certified nutrition specialists. After certifying through the board, these specialists have received the necessary knowledge and skills necessary for providing quality service to clients. The test for certification includes methods to evaluate nutritional needs of patients and assess nutrient requirements.

Candidates are tested several weeks out of the year, and they are charged $405 for the exam. The program recommends that they have at least two years in a specialized nutrition field. While that is not required, there are other eligibility requirements. Candidates should be a registered dietitian, registered nurse, licensed physician, licensed pharmacist or physician assistant.

Once tested, professionals will be informed within six weeks of their pass or fail status. They may take the exam as many times as necessary to pass, but they can only take it once per testing period. They will have to pay additional certification fees to make another attempt at the test. (more info here

C.N.C. Nutrition Consultant Certification

The Certified Nutritional Consultant (C.N.C.) certification is a program completed by the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. Candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent. There are no other requirements, but candidates should have basic nutrition knowledge to pass the exam in a timely manner.
Candidates will complete a series of 11 tests to assess their knowledge of nutrition and practice management. The application requires a one-time exam fee of $400. While they do not require a textbook, the program recommends studying on nutrition subjects before testing.
The 11 tests cover a range of nutrition topics: anatomy and physiology, nutrition and common ailments, nutrition in action, orthomolecular nutrition, children’s health, medical chemistry, diet and nutrition, enzyme health, living chemistry and applied nutrition. Candidates should find books that correspond with these topics.
Once a nutritionist passes the exams, they will receive a certificate with the initials C.N.C. after their name. This will show off a nutritionist’s credentials as being qualified as a certified nutritional consultant. (more info here)

As stated by Quackwatch.com, Membership in AANC and its predecessors has been open to anyone. In 1983, Sassafras Herbert (a poodle) became a professional member of AANDC and Charlie Herbert (a cat) secured professional membership in IANC. Both were household pets of Victor Herbert, M.D., J.D., a prominent nutrition scientist. All Dr. Herbert did was submit their name and address plus $50.

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