Hi, I’m Valeria and I write to help You get all information you need to become a certified nutritionist.

I live in Italy and I’m a passionate about  nutrition to help my friends and family eat healthy.

I started in 2009 as a non profit blog to introduce a free online educational tool for all nutritionists and consumers on healthy eating habits.

I feel very strongly about having properly informed consumers on duty in all healthy eating medicine disciplines and I am working very hard at making sure that we have the very best informed nutritionists in the healthy eating field.

If you want to contact me send me an email at


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  1. Kathryn Sherrill

    Hi, I am the Occ. Health Nurse Administrator for the Alabama District Postal Service. I just came to Alabama from N.C. in June and am trying to do a wellness newsletter each quarter and put a short article in the blog ( with each publication. Your email to Erica, who does the blog was sent to me. I am definitely agree that it would be great to have articles promoting disease prevention through healthy eating. Can you tell me how this works to have you as a “guest speaker”? Is there a charge?
    Can you give me an idea of topics?

  2. mydynapharmcorner

    Thank you for the email you sent! We are grateful to know that we have the same advocacy regarding of trying to live healthy by eating healthy!

  3. David


    I stumbled onto your site how to find information on getting a nutrition certificate, one of these 26 – 72 week programs you mention. However, you don’t seem to mention any places one could find these programs or give any sort of recommendations. I’d appreciate more specifics in terms of actually finding programs, are some stronger than others? How to find accredited ones? Is face-to-face better than online? Which are the leading online certification programs?


  4. Veronica

    I have a quick question…I am interested in becoming a certified nutritionist, however my undergraduate degree is in Psychology. Do I need to pursue more courses in order to take the certified exam? Or, do I only qualify for the certification programs?


  5. Francisco

    Hi, how does one go about becoming or getting certified as a nutritionist, having graduated from a school outside the US? or where could i access such information?
    Im moving to the US soon to take the STEPS for accreditation as a dr and am looking for career oportunities for my girlfriend

  6. Brianna

    I am currently attending California State University San Marcos, in San Diego, CA.
    Upon enrolling in Cal State, i was undecided on what i wanted to do with my life, but after about a year in, i decided becoming a Nutritionist was my calling. I am now entering my third year, and I have finally finished up my General Education classes, and have discovered that CSUSM does not have Nutrition as a major. They do, however, offer Kinesiology with emphasis on health and nutrition. My question is, if i were to graduate from cal state with the KINE degree, can i from there go on to become certified as a Nutritionist, and if so how would i go about doing so? If not, would you recommend me transferring to a school such as San Diego State University, where they offer a BA in Nutrition? I am very confused, and any information or ideas you may have for me would be AMAZING! Thank you so much!

  7. ANNA

    great site, i am very impressed by your enthusiasm.

    have a question for ya. i currently hold an Msc in Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle from London South Bank University in London, England. I want to get certified here in Ontario, Canada and trying to do it online quickest way possible to start work. If i do an online cert thru the states it is still acceptable in Canada? do you have any suggestions?


  8. Angela Anderson

    Hello my name is Angela Anderson I’m interested in B S in nutrition . I have been surfing the intrernet for top school, my search always turn up Kaplan UNV, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Kesier UNV. I have done my home work on kaplan Unv. AAD have a list of school who can sit for the AAD test and Kaplan name appeared on the list with many other and alo they they have a bad reputation with many student who were in the nutrition program . Do you have any recommendation or suggestions of any on line well as certafication program that are good . I’m so confused, your help would be glade appreciate. Thankyou so very much

    Angela Anderson

  9. Susan Torreano

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out! I am looking at online holistsic nutrition and naturapath programs acroos the USA, but I am at a loss as I do not know which are the best. I Know that institute of integrative nutrition is highly regarded but its a bit pricey. Do you have any reccomendations?? I have been most impressed by New Eden school of natural health, but have no reviews to go on? I am so confused as to which one to pick….I would very much welcome your thoughts??

    Thanks, Susan Torreano

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