What is the Average Salary of a Nutritionist?

There is a major interest in nutrition due to the epidemic of obesity and the number debilitating chronic conditions associated with poor eating habits. People turn to nutritionists for help in managing blood sugar levels, for weight management, and for eating to compete for athletic events.

Even farm animals such as dairy cows need help to consume foods that provide adequate nutrients. Nutrition consultants work with organizations that do not hire full-time nutritionists. For example, a nutrition consultant might approved menus for day care centers and homes, and long-term care facilities. These organizations may not have a full-time nutritionist on staff, but meals served must meet state or federal guidelines, when federal or state funds are used to purchase food.

What is a Nutrition Consultant Salary ?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nutrition consultants can earn about $75,000 per year or about $36 per hour. Many nutrition consultants work as independent contractors, while others work for nutrition consulting companies.

What is a Sports Nutritionist Salary ?

The pay for a sports nutritionist varies. Sports nutritionists work with college teams, individuals, and professional athletes. Sports nutritionists must be credentialed as any other nutritionist. The field can be lucrative with salaries ranging from the mid-fifties to over $100,000 per year depending upon the practice settings.

What is an Animal Nutritionist Salary ?

Animal nutritionists work with veterinarians or teach at universities. Salaries for animal nutritionists start at about $54,000 per year, but the work environment depends on the salary. Animal nutritionists can help farmers put together nutrients in the right amounts to keep farm animals healthy. They may also work in product development, helping to formulate feeds that contain essential nutrients.

What is a Clinical Nutritionist Salary ?

Clinical nutritionists working in medical surgical settings earn a mean salary of about $54,000 per year. In this role, the nutritionist plans meals for those on special diets. Diabetics, persons with cancer, and those with other conditions need nutrients in specific amounts to help patients maintain healthy energy levels. Clinical nutritionists may also be certified as diabetes educators.

What is a Holistic Nutritionist Salary?

Holistic nutritionists work with individuals who are interested in alternative ways to treat diseases. The focus is on eating healthy foods, rather than relying on medications and chemical means of treating illnesses. Clients may be encouraged to consume lots of plant based foods, while practicing yoga and meditation as a way to promote optimum healing.

Holistic nutritionists are often private practitioners. Some may be licensed or registered while others may not be licensed. Salaries for holistic nutritionists fall in a range of $35,000 to $50,000 per year. However, those who publish cookbooks and other materials may earn six figure incomes.

Nutritionist vs Dietitian Salary

In many areas a nutritionist and dietitian are the same. However some individuals refer to themselves as nutritionists if they educate others about healthy eating. It is important to note however, that anyone who provides clinical guidance in human nutrition should be a licensed nutritionist or registered dietitian.

Those who have training in nutritionist, but do not have a license often provide sound nutrition education. These individuals may work in health departments, employee wellness programs and other community programs. Salaries for these employees range from $35,000 to $50,000 per year depending upon experience.

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