The Difference Between a Nutrition Degree and Nutrition Certification

Whether you are looking for a degree in Nutrition or just certification, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing this career path. The field of nutrition and dietetics are important fields in the health industry. These jobs are in demand and allow a person to work as a personal trainer and teach people how to make healthy food and exercise choices.

A degree in Nutrition or Dietetics can be found at local colleges and universities. Many colleges are making this degree available online for students to complete. In order to get a degree, a person must have a high school diploma or GED. They must then enroll in college to earn a Bachelor’s in Science in Food and Nutrition or Dietetics.

A dietitian is a nutrition expert who must take a national exam after completion of their degree to be certified. A nutrition degree covers a lot of chemistry, physiology, nutrition and anatomy and takes four years to complete. Experience and on the job training may be a part of the nutrition program.

A college degree can be expensive, but there is nothing more worth completing than a college degree. This degree opens up a lot of doors and career opportunities. Nutrition degrees help students become dietitians. Many dietitians write books and give lectures on health, food and proper exercise.

A nutrition certificate can be obtained after getting a high school diploma or GED. This certification can be done online through programs, courses or the American Fitness Professionals and Associates’ (AFPA) website. It costs around $400, much cheaper than a college degree.

The AFPA will send all the materials in the mail. The certification test comes along with all the textbooks, CD’s and other resources. The test covers extensive material, and the student must make a 90 to pass the test and receive certification.

A student needs to study hard and make sure they are knowledgeable about the information they are covering. This certification will help them get a job and even though they did the test at home, they are responsible for teaching and informing others about what it is they have learned.

Certification in nutrition or a degree in nutrition can help a person become better educated in the anatomy and physically aspects of the human body. Health is a universal subject and the world needs skilled people to enlighten others on our options.

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