How Can I Find a Dietician in My Area ?

When looking for a dietician in your area, probably the quickest way is to look in the yellow pages, under “Dieticians.” I just did that and there were skads in there.

Your doctor can tell you, as well; he can refer you out. He works with, right there in his office, in many cases, a dietician, or he works with another medical staffer who does know.

Also, getting hold of your insurance company is a good idea, to find out who participates in your area. Call your local clinic or hospital, and just quickly speak with someone in the E.R., as there are registered dieticians on staff, there. Friends and family can help you find a dietician in your area, too.

Here are two good sources when you’re trying to do this:
1) The American Dietetic Association has a tool that registered users can use to locate registered dieticians in their area, and also;
2) This website not only helps you find a dietician, but it also allows you to look for one based on your specific medical needs.

Best of luck to you in answering your dietician needs!

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