Food Science Technology Vs Food Nutrition and Tech

Which of the two is a better degree programme: food science and technology or food nutrition and tech?

Food science is a programme that teaches students about physical, microbiological, and chemical makeup in foods. It also teaches about the concepts of food processing. By using this information, students will become responsible for developing natural, and nutritious foods with innovative and safe packaging for purchase in grocery stores and supermarkets.

Food nutrition and technology teaches students how to cook, the food manufacturing process, and the nutrition of food. Students use this knowledge to enter into the food industry. They may become servers, chefs, or line cooks.

Food science and technology is more about studying food, while food nutrition and technology allows you to work directly with food. It is up to you whether you want to learn how to cook, or learn how to study food. If one of your interests is science, then go into food science and technology.

If you want to become a chef, then study food nutrition and technology. Take classes in each programme to help you make a sound decision. One option is to ask your university if you can major in one programme and minor in another.

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