What Jobs Can I Get with a Degree in Nutrition or a Certification ?

Obtaining a nutrition certificate can open up many rewarding employment opportunities for men and women who choose this type of career in nutrition. Many industries hire individuals with certificates in nutrition.

Health Care Jobs – Individuals with a nutrition certificate can work in many health care settings including nursing homes, hospice centers, hospitals, in registered dietitians’ offices, with chiropractors and in conjunction with massage therapists. They can also assist many types of adult and pediatric nurses, and work in obesity clinics around the country.

Educational Careers – Many graduates with this credential can start to teach courses at the community or junior college level and at trade and technical schools. They can also give lectures, tutorials, and hold nutrition seminars for many different local, regional and national area organizational groups and associations.

Many choose to write books on the subject and become authors. They can also work for magazines and book publishers as nutrition editors, or even write a nutrition column online or for a major daily newspaper. Others can and do work in the cafeteria of elementary, secondary, and high schools to design and prepare the daily menus for all of the students.

Fitness Industry Jobs – Personal trainers can add this certificate to their fitness and health skill sets to offer nutritional counseling to the many clients they train either in gyms, private spas, or in personal residences where they travel to the client to guide them in workouts and nutritional advice. Many coaches in different sports can also benefit from earning this nutritional credential as this knowledge can greatly benefit all of their athletes by increasing their energy levels and performance abilities while keeping their weight under control.

Restaurant Careers – Holders of this credential work in many different kinds of restaurants including fast food establishments, steak houses, cafes, diners, Italian eateries, taverns, and small coffee shops. If they also studied about wine, they can work at various wineries in a consulting capacity. They can either devise the food and drink plans or actually serve the customers themselves and use their knowledge and expertise to offer their advice to suggest just what types of meals a customer might like best.

Hospitality Industry Occupations – With a certificate in nutrition, people can work on cruise ships, at top hotels, and in the food distribution and management fields serving tourists and hotel and cruise ship guests well designed meals that they personally planned. Some can also work in many food related government jobs in service or management capacities.

Jobs with a Nutrion Degree

Clinical Dietitian
– This person typically works for a medical facility such as a hospital or geriatric center (nursing homes etc.) They are responsible for counseling patients about their diets with regards to diseases or health issues.

Community Dietitian – This job is very similar to that of a clinical dietitian but is more commonly found in community wellness centers, Health Management Organizations, and other state or federally funded positions. In addition to private counseling they may provide community health plans for schools and other businesses.

Food Service Manager – This job may take place in any place where food is served. Nutritionists use their knowledge of dietary needs to plan menus that are healthy and meet FDA food intake requirements.

A sports nutritionist, is a person who helps athletes practice with their diet and studies how it relates to their athletic performance. Nutritionists counsel their patients, develop menus, educate about nutrition, help to promote a wellness program where athletes can feel comfortable sharing their problems and feelings, and keep up to date with new state of the art techniques that will help improve the health and over all well being of their patients.

First and foremost, a holistic nutritionist is a person who practices holistic medicine, meaning they treat the whole body, with emphasis on symptoms, nutrition, emotions, and environment. A holistic nutritionist believes each individual needs a balance of nutrients to help bodies reach maximum potential, and that everyone’s body is different and needs different levels of each nutrient. They believe making the right food choices can help to prevent as well as heal many different health problems.

A Pediatric Nurtionist specializes in children’s diets especially those with special needs and requirements. They can be found working in children’s hospitals and the local community offering advice and creating meals plans for children with needs.

While a nutritionist and a personal trainer are not the same thing and the terms are not interchangeable, the two career paths do intersect. A nutritionist deals with planning a healthy diet for clients to build up their bodies from the inside out. A personal trainer forms and shapes the physical body, making it as fit and healthy as possible. Both are concerned with total body health.

The key to becoming a pet nutritionist is to not only love animals, but also having a passion to help them receive optimum nutrition. To advertise yourself as a pet nutritionist, first complete classes on nutrition at a veterinarian school. This helps you understand the nutritional needs of pets.

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