Is Registered Holistic Nutritionist Trademarked ?

Who can be a registered holistic nutritionist?
There are no federal or state certifications for Holistic Nutritionists at this time, but the importance of these professionals in our society is increasing, and there are standards to which they should adhere. Some are voluntarily certified through exam, by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals or the Holistic Nutrition Board. Most will have a college degree in nutrition or a related field as well.

Why see a Holistic Nutritionist ?
Are you finding yourself fatigued? Is weight management frustrating you? These are among the many issues a holistic nutritionist can help you overcome. Others include stress, sleep problems, digestive issues, sinus, and more. Medical doctors may address your condition with prescription drugs. Many people would prefer a natural alternative.

Do I need a registered Holistic Nutritionist?
It is important to seek out an experienced professional who can address your nutritional issues. This will be done through initial assessment and therapy that will be monitored in future follow up visits. There are registered Holistic Nutritionists who practice alone or are in co-practice with a Chiropractor or other Medical professional. These partnerships can offer the combined experience and knowledge of the members.

What outcome can I expect?
Assessment may involve blood draws which will be analyzed by a professional lab. The results will then be discussed with you and the holistic nutritionist. Together you will chart a path to better health.

Find a registered Holistic Nutritionist and you can get on the road to the healthy life you seek.

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